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A Public Whipping

Discussion in 'Stories and Poems' started by yummygal, Apr 6, 2012.

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    "Christian, you are sentenced to a public whipping.
    you will be stripped naked for all to see and your whole body is to be scourged."


    the two guards led me into the courtyard each taking a turn shoving me forward,
    grunting cruel taunts like, "can't wait to see your naked ass, creep."
    then the other would say something like, "and I'm gonna grab your balls and slap your dick, you shit."
    this kept them entertained.
    every once in a while one would kick me in the backside and I'd stumble forward trying to keep from falling.
    it is difficult keeping balanced with your hands tied in front of you and being kicked in the behind.

    a crowd had formed and was anxiously awaiting a display of torture and cruelty.
    I could see the lust in their faces.
    ignorant crowds like this one are easily amused by seeing a person stripped naked and humiliated.
    they enjoy seeing a helpless man or woman savagely beaten and sometimes killed.
    in the middle of the courtyard stood a lone post with shackles build into it.

    this time both guards both kicked me simultaneously - and hard.
    I stumbled this time and fell flat on my face.
    then one stepped on my tied hands as the other started tearing my robe off from the bottom upwards.
    I laid there in a loincloth. my arms, legs and back exposed.
    they stood me up and shackled my hands to the post.
    some of the people in the crowd was getting worked up and began taunting along with the guards,
    "whip his ass hard!"
    "strip him naked!"
    "give it to him!"

    while others started to chant,
    "whip him!"
    "whip him!"
    "whip him!"
    "whip him!"

    the guards then pulled out their whips. one held his up to show to the crowd.
    his face gleamed with pride.
    the crowd loved it. their frenzy grew.
    the anticipation was becoming intense.
    one man shouted,
    "red bleeding welts on his back - thats what we want!"
    a woman:
    "and on his naked ass too! - and why's he not naked yet?"
    "shows us his nuts!"
    "let's see his wanking member!"

    I braced myself as a guard came up behind me.
    he reached around and squeezed my nipples causing me to wince.
    then suddenly he yanked my loincloth down to the ground.

    the crowd roared.
    "ha ha ha!"
    "look at his naked ass!"
    "ah hahah"

    is this what Jesus endured?
    this public nakedness. they can all see me...
    I wait for the whip to slash into my back.
    I'm so afriad....


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