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my wife crucified

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Jul 24, 2010
hi.. i am new to this forum.. i am posting here my experience of crucifying my wife..would be great if you can give any suggestions to improve on this experience.. we will try these next time..

this happened a shortwhile after our marraige..we were working together and were in a relationship for almost 3 years before our marraige.. her wish to be crucified had come out quite accidentally on a good friday when we were watching news about some real life crucifixions in philippines(i think..) she had been always curious to know how the crucifixion was done and how the victim suffered on the cross.. on the religious angle, she felt that it was a form of devotion to god if she also suffered what he has suffered for us.. she said that she understood why those guys took such a risk of being nailed to cross and if only there wa a chance, she would also be crucified..and she thought that it should be as realistic as possible.. since no one with sane mind would want to be crucified(she thought)..she was afraid to mention this to anyone, even close friends about this fearing what they would think.. though i did not really agree to the religious point of view, i offered to crucify her if she wanted not with nails but ropes...i told her to think about it if she wanted to go ahead.. i assured her i did not feel upset about her fantasy..as we had engaged in some lighthearted bondage play.. and also i enoyed some putting my girl in some form of bondage but never got into serious stuff..our bondage experience was limited to my holding her hands above her head during lovemaking or tying her wrists to the pipe above in shower..and she was very shy and fearful of submitting completely at that point.. she never agreed to be tied up naked in bed in the strict sense of bondage.. so i was not sure if she would be willing to go ahead as this would be a very big step..

she thought over it for a few days and finally decided to go ahead with it..we read up some literature on the net on how to go about crucifixion..we also came across several sites which showed erotic crucifixion in graphic detail..she was a little bit more comfortable knowing there were indeed others who had a similar view..
we then sat down and worked out a few details of her crucification..we decided to keep it as authentic as possible..we wanted to bring in as much of humiliation and pain as possible without hurting her permanently...she will be the prisoner on death row from the night before.. she would get cruicified with ropes.. she had to be completely nude right from her whipping till she is brought down....she did not initially agree as she did not want to be nude in the open..she wanted a cloth or bra covering her breasts and a loin cloth around her waist or even better a panty. i refused saying if she wanted crucification, it will be at my terms, and did she not want it to be humiliating? she reluctantly gave in after some argument.. i showed her details of roman crucifixion where the victim was more often than not naked.. she was to be gagged(her wish).. it would be outdoors, there would be no scourging as in the real deal but she would be whipped on her entire back,buttocks and legs, breasts, stomach and inner thighs on the front..once the process began, i would be the master and if she did not obey to what i said, i said i would whip her cunt also..she was a bit frightened as she was never whipped before and the thought of her cunt getting whipped sent shivers into her..i told her she can back out if she did not want to do it.. but if she wanted to do it, it will be on my terms.. she would be walked naked, gagged and blidfolded from our cottage to the site of crucifixion..and finally i would decide when she came down (for the sake of her health and safety). we decided to record the entire experience and decided on gestures if she wanted to say something or had enough..she finally agreed to all conditions.. and we set the date for her crucifixion for the weekend

the location of the crucifixion would be our farmhouse.. we had acquired the timber and fixed the cross a the day before..the cross was some 8 feet high above the ground and the hoizontal beam was fixed to the top of this beam..it looked like T.. we stayed the night there..that night M changed to a loose white shirt which came upto her thighs..i took her to the basement and i first tied her ankles and then gagged her..i made her sit with her back to the wall..then i tied her wrists above her head to a hook i fixed in the wall..she would spend the whole night in a sitting position addign to her discomfort next day..
next morning, on the day of her crucifiction i untied her and gave her 5 minutes to freshen up.. then i brought her out in the morning around 7 am the idea being she would be on the cross from around 8 am at least till such time M could take it. she was groggy from lack of sleep.. i took her out to the backyard..where i had set up the camera. i made her stand in front of the camere and told her to strip for the whipping..she would be hung by her wrists naked and spreadeagled and whipped... M removed her shirt and i saw that she was wearing a panty. i told her this was not allowed and made her remove the panty also...seeing that i would not budge, she grumpily removed her panty also and stood naked in front of me.. i tied her hands to spreader bar.. this spreader bar i hung to a beam above by ropes.. i slowly pulled the ropes so that her hands would be lifted and finall her feet also left the floor.. once she was hanging a couple of feet from the floor, i tied off the ropes.. as M hung there, i told her to spread her legs and tied a spreader bar to her legs..she was now hanging by her wrists, naked and spreadeagled, ready for her whipping. i told her" since you have disobeyed me by wearing a panty and also have been showing attitude, i will whip your cunt also... before she could protest..i told her this was a punishment as she had agreed before. then the whipping started..
i whipped her shoulders, her back and buttocks and the back of her thighs.. i applied the strokes so that there will be no marks but she would feel the pain. she took all this without letting out a scream.. she only gasped as each stroke landed.. i then came in front of her and started whipping her stomach and i could see that the whipping was hurting her.. when the whip cracked on her breasts, she struggled and let out a scream and when the second and third strokes fell, she was in tears..after completing the whipping of her breasts, i told her that i had a special punishment for her for wearing the panty.. i went behind her and sent the whip flying between her legs.. the whip hit her squarely on her cunt.. i gave her 5 strokes on her cunt and by the end of it, she was hanging by her wrists and crying in pain..

i untied her and gave her a brief rest..i gave her some water to drink.. then it was time to go.. it was almost 8..

i tied her wrists behind her back and gagged her.. i also blindfolded her and walked outside her to the cross. the cross was some 100 yards from the cottage..once we were there, i made her stand in front of the cross. i then set out the camera so tha it covered the entire cross..i then removed her gag asked her if she still wanted to do it. she said yes.. i put the gag back, untied her and removed her blind fold. i walked her backwards and up the wooden steps i placed there made her stand with her back to the cross and spread her hands. i climbed on a stool and tied her wrists to the horizontal beam.. then i removed the steps on whch she was standing.. while doing this, i held her up and released her slowly so that she would not fall suddenly and put any sudden strain on her wrists and shoulders.. now she hung on the cross, hanging by her wrists..i tied her ankles together but did not provide any support to the legs..i knew i cannot let her in this position for long as she would not be able to breath in a very short time.. she was now hanging like a Y with her arms stretched out.. her chest was thrust forwarded making her breasts jut out.. her ribs were showing as she panted to breath..her stomach was taut with the tension..her feet came up atleast 2 feet short of the ground.

i took the camera and filmed her from all sides..

i let M hang like this for about half an hour by the end of which she was sweating heavily.. as she was gagged she could only moan.. i could see that she was struggling for breath.. she was trying to get some purchase on the cross but the wood was smooth and since her legs were tied together, she could not grab the cross with her legs either..i decided this was the limit for free hanging.. i folded her knees and marked the place where the lower half of her feet would be if legs were folded and nailed a thin pice of wood three inches thick and 2 feet long. i then tied her ankles to the cross slightly above the platform. M was relieved initially that she could place the weight on her legs and reduce the strain on her hands.. but when she tried to place her feet on the platform, she realised that she would have to stand tip toe in the small wooden platform..and she could not stretch her legs down as i had tied her ankles to the cross..she would place her weight on her toes for some time and stand up and when the pain in legs increased, she would again hang by her wrists.. all the while i was taping her agony on the cross...

when we set out M thought she could easily survive the day and a night also on the cross as she was healthy enough..but after getting whipped and crucified, her opinion changed.. as we placed the cross in the open where the sun would be beating down on her thoughout the day.. it was getting warmer as time went by..she was facing the sun and was getting slowly cooked..sweat poured out of her and she grew thirsty... i knew she was getting thirsty but i did not give any water as we had decided she would have to suffer on the cross..

hardly an hour passed but i could see it was hurting her..she was moaning throughout and especially when she tried to raise herself..

hour and half later, she started moaning frantically...she crossed her fingers.. something we agreed to mean she wanted to say something .. i removed her gag and she said she would have to pee.. i told her she will have to do it tied to the cross only.. this was how romans also left the victims on the cross..it was a form of humiliation..i gave her a few sips of water just to be on safe side and then gagged her again..

another 30 mts passed before M decided that i will not let her down ..the few sips she took so greedily only added to this discomfort..she could no longer hold and decided to pee..as she let go, i could see her shame at her nakedness and helplessness she was reduced to on the cross..her humiliation was total ..without any control over her body or bodily functions..

she was now little over two hours on the cross..i decided i had to do something now to make things a bit exciting for me (and tough for her).. i brought out the whip and started to whip her thighs.. then moved to her stomach and finally to her breasts.. as each stroke fell, she moaned louder and writhed on the cross.. there was no escape for her from this torment.. by now the sun was burning down on her.. her breast and stomach was red and welts were visible even though i did not whip her that hard..she was once again sweating and the sweat combined with the sun to burn her welts..i repeated this whipping on her back and her buttocks..as she was already whipped on her back, it hurt her even more.. the whole upper and lower back area was now covered with welts..i then went in front of her and grabbed her breast and started to knead them..she moaned into her gag as this hurt her a great deal..i pinched her nipples and slapped her breast, stomach and thighs.. then i took the whip again and gave her 10 more strokes on her cunt..for good measure, i whipped her feet and soles..by this time her moans had become louder and she started crying... the gag muffled her voice but i could understand that she was in pain..i thought it fit to give a break and left her there..i wne back to the cottage to refresh myself and returned after an hour..

by now her efforts to stand on her toes had become weaker.. also her moans had gone down.. she was hardly able to lift herself..i decided that it was enough..
i removed the gag and asked her if she was ok.. she mumbled a weak ok..i first placed the wooden steps below her legs and then untied her legs..once her legs were resting on the steps, i untied both her hands and carefully lowered her onto my shoulders.. i carried her to our cottage and put her down on the bed..

she had endured close to three hours on the cross..

with proper care and rest, she recovered only by the evening.. her arms and shoulders were stiff and hurting for a few days..

her dream of getting crucified was fulfilled...
Aug 16, 2008
Well, as a suggestion I would ask her what she liked best about the experience and then focus on that the next time. Let her have more input and decision making, rather than you saying this or that must be so.

It seems like you made a huge jump from some very light erotic play into something rather brutal. I thought hanging by just her wrists for the first half hour particularly so, not to mention stringing her up night before and allowing her little or no sleep.

I understand the reasoning regarding the making of a rugged experience and all, but I think it could have been done in stages over numerous sort of 'practice' sessions.

One or more of these could have been actual 'work' sessions where the two of you go out back with some lumber, straps, hooks/clips and other resources and see what the two of you could put together in the way of a cross and exactly how she would like to be mounted on it when the 'real' session came.

There really is a lot more to an enjoyable and safe crucifixion than just hanging someone up on a couple of beams, regardless of how many pictures you saw or instructions you read. I've been crucifying myself for a half century. It took hundreds of sessions and many different crosses and accessories before I perfected what I have now and I'm still not satisfied, continuously tweaking it more and more. The spread of my arms has to be just right. My wrists must be fastened so. The sedile has to be just the right height and the foot block in the right position and angled to what I want.

Everything has to be designed and built so I can enjoy exactly the right feel to it. I want the sensation of hanging, but also pinioned. I want some stress on most of my muscle groups to occur over a planned stretch of time. I don't want any acute and undesirable pain, such as to the bindings on my wrist and ankles. I want just the right posture where my chest heaves out, my ribs protrude and my stomach sucks in. When I'm up there I want to look from side to side and see my arms fully extended and their muscles straining as well as looking down and see my upper leg muscles flexing.

I want cosmetic touches, such as wood washers with nail heads protruding hiding my Velcro wrist straps. Sometimes I'll even use thin plastic tubing with a squeeze ball behind the backs of my hands filled with fake blood that I can make to stream down my sweating arms at will with other tubes of blood hidden by my neck with squeeze balls behind my back to make fake blood to stream down my sweating chest. I paint on fake blood scourge marks on my torso sides and legs. Lately I've been smearing myself with cigarette ash to get a 'dirty' look.

My crucifixions are all indoors, but I often will turn one strong spot light above me in the sun position to simulate an outdoors crux scene. Lately I've been playing my previous crucifixions on a large computer monitor in continuous loop to give a sense of being crucified with another. I play eerie Gregorian chant music.

Sometimes I crucify myself nude and other times with a skimpy garment that seems to magically hang from my thighs, barely concealing, but outlining my .....

Once everything is working properly and I've hung there crucified for 45 minutes, I writhe and struggle to relieve the muscle pain and stress, bathed in streaming sweat and fake blood for another 15 minutes to round off an hour of one great, erotic and pleasurable crucifixion!

A good crucifixion is an art and a magnificent spectacle, far outshining all other clinical style bdsm dom and sub play! A well staged whipping comes the closest in my mind and should precede a well staged crucifixion, but that is another story for another day!

I'm only in my early sixties now, but when I grow up I'd like to be a crux actor playing a crucified thief in a Jesus movie, or one of Spartacuster's men crucified along the Apian Way! Gosh! They wouldn't even have to pay me and I'd supply all my own stuff!

Well, if you need any specific advice or directions, just shake my cross, but watch out for falling fake blood droplets. It doesn’t wash out of clothing very well!





Thanks for sharing this with us. i have a few brief comments for what they are worth. First, should you decide to repeat this, i would recommend that she be made to carry her cross to the site of her crucifixion. It adds to the realism and her shame and adds more discomfort to her ordeal.

Second, if you are pleased with her, i think you may want to reward her by allowing her to cum on her cross by either manual or oral stimulation, assuming that she doesn't cum spontaneously that is. Of course this is totally up to you, her Master.

Lastly, i think you know that you are a very lucky man. But what you may not realize is that she is even luckier.

Jul 24, 2010
thanks guys for ur replies.. M was not as charitable as u are.. she says the post is all like..i did this to her, i did that to her, she screamed moaned etc.. where was the bit about what was going on in her head.. how she felt? i told her i am no writer and i had just described the setting as it was while watching the tapes..if she wanted to describe her thoughts emotions and experience, she was welcome to post it.. she says she will so you can expect that in one of our future posts..

M is itching to try out some variations on the cross..but work pressure has meant we have not foundtime out till now..planning for something in the coming week..will definetley share it with u guys..

wanted to post a pic of M on the cross here..since she is not ready for posting her pics, posting a pic of krista on the cross.. M felt that was the closest to her ordeal..[attachment=0:3c74piz4]pics_5.jpg[/attachment:3c74piz4]


Aug 16, 2008
There are so many admirable feautres of a crucified body. Protruding ribs is one of my favorites!

This gal has got me all excited, but I still miss the burn of your lash on my sweating, straining back as I struggle to push that heavy grinding stone around!

We had such a nice time doing that! Swwwwwwwsih - CRACK!

I don't need to push that wheel now, because I'm down to my target weight and ready to be filmed once again!


Jan 17, 2013
i spent time on a cross, in the middle of a massive thunderstorm, at night. Lighting, wind, rain....it was horrible both physically and mentally. i have never been so terrified in my life. What made it so bad was i was alone, or at least i thought so.

After my Hubby! had put me on the cross (wrists, elbows tied to the cross bar, ankles tied to each side of the vertical) i watched him walk away into the darkness. Despite my screams He! just kept walking. What i did not know was He! came back around behind me and was there when the storm hit.

i might add i have always been terrified of storms which plays into Hubby's! hands as i have spent time outside in them, restrained in a variety of ways. But being on the cross was the worst by far!

He! used some scenes from Insex where slaves are staked out in a thunderstorm as inspiration. While the models on Insex are professionals, i really believe their terror was as genuine as mine.

Here are pix from Piglet (1203) at The Farm, Insex 2003 The video clip is amazing as you can hear her scream each time there is a flash of lighting and thunder clap. (sorry i can't post it here)

storm terror 01.jpg storm terror 02.jpg storm terror 03.jpg storm terror 04.jpg storm terror 05.jpg


Jan 30, 2013
hi.. i am new to this forum.. i am posting here my experience of crucifying my wife..would be great if you can give any suggestions to improve on this experience.. we will try these next time..
with proper care and rest, she recovered only by the evening.. her arms and shoulders were stiff and hurting for a few days..

her dream of getting crucified was fulfilled...
Tanks to write ADN share this beautiful storie!