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WelshWebb at Clips4sale

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Assistant executioner
Apr 11, 2005
I've opened an account a both clips4sale and images4sale.

I only have a handful of videos and photo sets so far, but they do include a great deal of my crucifixion work, plus new, never before seen material. Poison Doll and Athena's crucifixions are also available and soon I'll have a video of my most recent model Amo and her trip up the wood.

Shannon's most recent crucifixion video is available in the clips store and I have pieced together her complete crucifixion photography collection from 2006 to present, which is over 800 images in one set! That's the whole series of her on the cross for less money than the cost of joining www.welshwebb.com

In the case of the photography, I have remastered each of the images to a larger size and better over all quality.

We are also slowly giving my old website a minor face lift and will soon reopen, perhaps under a different name. I'm also trying to lower the members fees. We hope to open a completely new, far more improved website next Spring.