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corporal punishment

  1. Aslin nee 8ball

    Punished in a Foreign Country

    I would like to start a thread dedicated to someone being punished in a foreign land or country. I fantasize about such things and especially enjoy writing in “first person” about it. I will start with a story I am writing entitled “ I don’t do well with pain. “ I have started this story on the...
  2. LittleBeethoven

    The ordeal of Hanah Green.

    Greetings to all. I have written this story in the last two weeks, i hope you will enjoy it. Its my first self written story, so feel free to give me feedback. I m not an english native speaker so also feel free to correct or mark mistakes. It also would be great if someone uploads this story...
  3. Abstarr

    My Illustrations

    I hope this is the right place to upload art and is within the rules of the site . I want to contribute and not just browse This not Crucifixion based but hope more in that vein. This is called Punishment On The Plains ,

    Prison Tourists

    It was an hour before closing, and we literally had to wake up the dozing old docent at the front gate to get admission to the old 19th century women’s prison. Dark, damp, and castle like, the first passage we went into led us down the stairs. We were now subterranean, with most of the...
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